Getting Caught Up
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Getting Caught Up is a biweekly podcast with Jeff Perry and Mike Rapin: two friends who have strong passions for tech, getting stuff done, podcasting, comic books, and more. Join them every other week as they catch up with each other, chat about life, and discuss a specific topic in their purview.

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    22: That’s Called Daducation

    Jeff and Mike come back after a hiatus and throw the topics out off the window and just get caught up on what the hell the two of them have been up to. Mike did NaNoWriMo, Jeff managed to do some coding, and they both talk about Jeff’s move from Tablet Habit to Rocket Panda.

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    21: The Good and Bad

    The boys talk about one good thing and one bad thing, but before that they spend way too long trying to figure out if a hot dog is a taco or not. Mike blows Jeff's mind, and they both talk about dealing with stressors in their lives.

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    Doing the Internet

    Jeff and Mike talk about how they listen to podcasts at the top of the show but quickly dive deep into where they spend their time online. Afterwards Mike talks about his recent sporting event he watched live. Next episode's topic you can take part in, so don't miss out!!

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    A Very Special Episode

    Mike and Chris Lawley get together to have an intervention with Jeff about him wanting to change his website (again!). This show is all about imposter syndrome and being consistent with your work. This one gets real.

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    Blogging and IndieWeb

    Mike and Jeff talk about blogging and IndieWeb. We also go into social media and the future of the internet bloggers.

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    Playing D&D - GCU 14

    Mike wants to know how Jeff like playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). Spoiler alert: we like it a lot!

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    Video Games We Like - GCU 14

    Mike and Jeff talk about Video Games, making time for them, and then JEff talks about meditation and time management. Because that has to do with video games somehow.

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    Where We Want To Travel - GCU 13

    Mike and Jeff talk about where they want to travel, some places we have been, things we like about traveling to places, and Jeff gets Twitter advice from Mike

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    Writing Workflows - GCU 12

    Jeff talks about how he writes his blog, his new toy, Mike explains why he spends 2 hours a week sending one email, and Jeff gets advice on Imposter Syndrome in the after show.

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    Our Fandoms - GCU 11

    Mike and Jeff look into what Fandoms they are a part of, their feelings on talking publicly about them, and some guilty pleasures we have with them. Jeff also has a new podcast that "offends" Mike.

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    Follow up Episode - GCU 10

    Mike and Jeff take care of some unfinished business. This episode is all follow up from the previous 7 episodes. There’s a lot to cover.

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    Streaks and Habits - GCU 9

    Jeff and Mike talk about streaks (sort of a continuation of episode 8). Jeff explains why his CPAP machine is so cool, and Mike gives some solid advice on creating your own creative outlet.

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    Listening to Things - GCU 7

    Mike and Jeff talk about what headphones we use to listen to podcasts, music, and more. Jeff talks about his "tragedy." They also dive deep into the file formats and audio they prefer.

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    Working From Home - GCU 6

    Mike and Jeff talk about working from home. How they deal with distractions, managing their time, and keeping things organized.

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    Holidays as an Adult - GCU 5

    This week Mike and Jeff discuss holidays as an adult and what we do differently. Mike explains why he pulls all-nighters on Thanksgiving. Jeff hates himself by the end of this episode, and both share their favorite holiday food.

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    Starting a Kickstarter - GCU 4

    Mike talks about his Kickstarter and what it was like planning and creating it. We also talk about successful and not-so-successful Kickstarters of the past and out thoughts on crowdfund as a whole.

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    Changes in Side-Projects - GCU 3

    Jeff makes a change (again) and stops his podcast, Podcasting Spark, and starts a new venture. Mike offers his advice.

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    Our Favorite Podcasts - GCU 2

    Jeff and Mike share the podcasts they listen to and talk about what kinds of things we look for in podcasts.

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    Our Home Screens - GCU 1

    Jeff and Mike start things off by comparing iPhone Home Screens. Jeff gets Anxiety and Mike doesn't understand why Jeff uses so many stock apps.

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    #0 Preview of Getting Caught Up

    Learn about who Jeff and Mike are, and what Getting Caught Up is all about! Episode 1-3 is coming out December 18th, 2017.

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